Registered Behavior Technician 2.0

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  • RBT 2.0 - all of the relevant RBT content that you need with enhanced learning opportunities. This 40 hour training meets the specifications for the BACB’s RBT task list and includes engaging video content, updated screens, graphics, and more. RBT 2.0 is the same high-level content that you have come to expect from the RBT classic version; just enhanced with more videos and interactive participant features. The first 15 hours of the RBT 2.0 package are enhanced with interactive videos, interactive quiz questions and more. The final 25 hours of this package contain the RBT classroom content that you have come to enjoy. Click here for a sample of the RBT 2.0 eLearning.

    Katies son2 with Cecilia

    For an 8 minute preview of the RBT 2.0 video, click here.

    Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis $15.00
    Introduction to Skill Repertoire Building: Identifying What to teach and how to teach it $25.00
    The Discrete Trial $15.00
    Skill Repertoire Building Procedures $30.00
    Behavior Management: Assessment and Interventions $25.00
    Behavior Measurement Procedures $20.00
    Generalized Behavior Change $10.00
    ABA Strategies: Making it Work $10.00
    Understanding the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (DSM-5) $7.50
    Assisting with Individualized Assessment Procedures $7.50
    Mand Training- Teaching Basic Requesting Skills $11.25
    Teaching Play Skills $7.50
    Introduction to Preference Assessments $7.50
    Skill Repertoire Building- Procedures: Natural Environment Training (NET) $18.75
    Transfer of Stimulus Control- Fading Prompts $7.50
    ABA Program Books - Understanding Key Components $7.50
    Prompting Strategies for Advanced Learners $7.50
    Activity Schedules- Strategies for Creating and Teaching $11.25
    Supporting Clients in a School Setting $15.00
    Ethics - Professional Behavior $7.50
    Client Confidentiality $7.50
    Recognizing & Interpreting Abuse of Individuals with Disabilities - (Non-State Specific) $7.50
    Understanding the Therapist's Role in the ABA Treatment Process $15.00
    Ethical Guidelines for Therapists Implementing ABA Treatment $15.00
    Prevention of Crisis Behavior - Steps to Take Prior to an Emergency $11.25
    Motivating Operations- Understanding the Motivation in ABA Treatment $11.25
    Token Economies- What are They and How to Use Them $11.25
    RBT Supervision Requirements $7.50