Board Certified Autism Technician (BCAT) 40 Hour Training

  • Healthcare & Human Services / Behavior Technicians / BCAT eLearning

  • Introduction to Autism and ABA $7.50
    Introduction to Skill Repertoire Building: Identifying What to Teach and How to Teach it $7.50
    The Discrete Trial $7.50
    Skill Repertoire Building Procedures $30.00
    Behavior Management: Assessment & Interventions $22.50
    Skill Repertoire Building Data Collection $18.75
    Behavior Management Data Collection $7.50
    Graphing Behavior Change $7.50
    Generalized Behavior Change $11.25
    Understanding the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (DSM-5) $7.50
    Assisting with Individualized Assessment Procedures $7.50
    Mand Training- Teaching Basic Requesting Skills $11.25
    Teaching Play Skills $7.50
    Introduction to Preference Assessments $7.50
    Skill Repertoire Building- Procedures: Natural Environment Training (NET) $18.75
    Transfer of Stimulus Control- Fading Prompts $7.50
    ABA Program Books - Understanding Key Components $7.50
    Prompting Strategies for Advanced Learners $7.50
    Activity Schedules- Strategies for Creating and Teaching $11.25
    Supporting Clients in a School Setting $15.00
    Ethics - Professional Behavior $7.50
    Client Confidentiality $7.50
    Recognizing & Interpreting Abuse of Individuals with Disabilities - (Non-State Specific) $7.50
    Understanding the Therapist's Role in the ABA Treatment Process $15.00
    Ethical Guidelines for Therapists Implementing ABA Treatment $15.00
    Prevention of Crisis Behavior - Steps to Take Prior to an Emergency $11.25
    Motivating Operations- Understanding the Motivation in ABA Treatment $11.25
    Token Economies- What are They and How to Use Them $11.25