Board Certified Autism Technician (BCAT)

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  • Board Certified Autism Technician

    With the BICC’s new BCAT credential, behavioral therapists can certify that they have received the training and oversight required to provide the highest quality services to their clients.

    What is a Board Certified Autism Technician?

    A BCAT is a paraprofessional that practices under the supervision of a nationally licensed/certified ABA professional. The BCAT's primary responsibility is the direct implementation of treatment plans developed by the supervisor.

    Why is the credential important to agencies and therapists?

    Board Certified Autism Technicians, and their agencies, can be confident they are providing the most effective treatment to their clients with autism. To prospective clients, the BCAT credential signifies a higher standard of service. BCATS are trained in behavior analysis; but more specifically autism.

    The BCAT Training Requirement

    This training program is based on the Board Certified Autism Technician Task List and is designed to meet the 40-hour training requirement for the BCAT credential. The program is offered independently of the BICC.

    Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis $15.00
    Introduction to Skill Repertoire Building: Identifying What to teach and how to teach it $7.50
    The Discrete Trial $7.50
    Skill Repertoire Building Procedures $30.00
    Behavior Management: Assessment and Interventions $22.50
    Behavior Measurement Procedures $20.00
    Generalized Behavior Change $11.25
    ABA Strategies: Making it Work $10.00
    Understanding the Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (DSM-5) $7.50
    Assisting with Individualized Assessment Procedures $7.50
    Mand Training- Teaching Basic Requesting Skills $11.25
    Teaching Play Skills $7.50
    Introduction to Preference Assessments $7.50
    Introduction to Natural Environment Training $7.50
    Practical Strategies for Natural Environment Training $7.50
    Transfer of Stimulus Control- Fading Prompts $7.50
    ABA Client Treatment Plans $7.50
    Prompting Strategies for Advanced Learners $7.50
    Activity Schedules- Strategies for Creating and Teaching $11.25
    Supporting Clients in a School Setting $15.00
    Ethics: General Professional Conduct $7.50
    Ethics: Dual Relationships and Professional Boundaries $7.50
    Ethics: Managing Your Own Behavior as an ABA Therapist $7.50
    Client Confidentiality $7.50
    Recognizing and Interpreting Abuse and Neglect $7.50
    Understanding the Therapist's Role in the ABA Treatment Process $15.00
    Ethical Guidelines for Therapists Implementing ABA Treatment $15.00
    Prevention of Crisis Behavior $11.25
    Motivating Operations- Understanding the Motivation in ABA Treatment $11.25
    Token Economies- What are They and How to Use Them $11.25